Porcelain Tiles - Shagreen

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Shagreen Collection

Interior floor and wall cladding

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Shagreen is one of the most beautiful natural designs in nature, it is very rare to find perfectly round, regular patterns. The pattern on Shagreen skin is formed from tiny grains.

The back bone, not forgetting that this is a fish skin after all, draws quite a straight line, discreetly but delicately emphasized in the centre by a few larger nicely rounded cells, like perfectly aligned while pearls.

This beautiful texture is set off by delicate colour. Aparici's Shagreen collection is often dyed in subtle shades of a green, grey or brown and then polished.

- Double-fired
- Rectified
- Monocaliber porcelain floor tiles partially made from recycled materials
- Suitable for reuse, high honed / lappato finish
- Exclusively distributed in the US by Artistic Tile

- White
- Coffee
- Grey

- Floor tile: 60x60 cm
- Wall tile: 30x60 cm


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Recycled Material