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What our clients are saying


Recently used Galaxy Construction to upgrade our Tysons Corner condo kitchen and two baths. They worked fast and made sure not to make a mess. Extremely happy with how everything turned out. Would recommend using these guys.
— M. V. Falls Church, V.A.
We just did a minor renovation in our kitchen.  We changed our 30" gas cooktop to a 36" cooktop.  BTW...the cooktop is in our granite island.   We had been looking to change the cooktop out for years, but had been told through home depot and lowes that we would have to buy a new granite island because no one would cut the current granite in place.  We had gone to a neighbors for dinner and they said that Galaxy had done work for them in their upstairs bathroom and they were happy.  I called Galaxy and spoke to David about pricing a new granite piece and then told him what we were doing. He said they could do the work to cut our granite to fit the larger cooktop once it came in!  Great but nervous.  We had heard from many that there was such a risk of cutting granite and we might have to buy a new piece.  

The work was done last night and his staff did  a great job! Very knowledgable and skilled.  No issue with cutting the granite (just a bit of dust) and the new cook top is great!  The reason I didn't give 5 stars was there was a bit of delay with the appointment and it was about 8 at night when they left. They had mechanical problems with the truck and communications about the delay could have been better.  That said, I would still highly recommend Galaxy!  Thanks again!
— P.V.. Ashburn, V.A.
I hired Galaxy to remodel my two bathrooms and upgrade the kitchen. Loved their design ideas and selection. The price was also right inline with all the other estimates I had received. 

I ultimately chose to go with Galaxy because of the owner David. He was present at every meeting with his design team and he visited the project constantly to make sure his guys were on top of everything. 

They cleaned up after work everyday and even had a professional maid service come and clean the entire house after they were done. 10/10!
— Amir Z., Falls Church, V.A.
My parents finally took a vacation this year and while they were away I wanted to remodel their kitchen and bathrooms for them. Something they haven't let me do despite my consistent insistence over the years. Their kitchen and bathrooms were from the 90s. My father built the home himself and always said he could do a much better job than any contractor.

This year as a Christmas present I wanted to give their home a surprise makeover. I was super nervous about it since they can both be super picky. I finally took the opportunity and chance. we have 10 days while they were away to get it all done.

I did my research and found Galaxy Construction through the recommendation of some friends who had just used them. The owner David was incredible. He helped me pick all the materials and gave me price quote without even having seen the house in person. the most I could do was show him pictures. We planned for two months and last week we finally had our chance. They understood my concerns and knew how important it was for me to get this perfect. No delays could be caused due to our short window.

They worked night and day to get this job done and I can't tell you how beautiful my parents new kitchen is. My father, the picky contractor spent the last 2 days inspecting and looking for flaws. He didn't find any! My mom has been taking and posting pictures of her new kitchen none stop.

I am so glad I finally did it! Thanks David. You are an amazing person and superb contractor. I can't wait to buy my own home and use Galaxy Construction of Ashburn.
— Susan K., Arlington, V.A.
Our granite countertop job was not very big or complex, and yet the communication was great, job was done on time and looked great.  They did everything they promised and didn't make a mess.  Would recommend!
— Leo. B., Ashburn, V.A.