EGGER PRO Design Flooring

EGGER PRO Design Flooring

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Floor Covering

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EGGER PRO Design Flooring is another innovation in the EGGER flooring range and the right choice for areas exposed to high stress, even in wet areas. This wooden flooring collection is the first design floor with a Self-Repair effect, which allows indentations for example caused by furniture feet, disappear almost immediately. Compared to classic laminate flooring, Design Flooring is more robust, more moisture-resistant and more flexible to use. EGGER PRO Design Flooring is:

  • Compact, comfortable and easy-care
  • Ultra robust and resistant to micro-scratches
  • Permanently attractive due to the self-healing surface
  • Naturally wood-based and 100% PVC-free
  • Suitable for wet areas: the waterproof DualSeal protects both sides of the core board against moisture.

The boards measuring at only five millimeters are based on natural wood fibers and, thanks to the TPU surface, are waterproof, elastic, odorless and comfortable. The robust flooring is perfectly suitable for areas exposed to high stress, both in the commercial and the domestic sectors. It is versatile in terms of application and can be laid as a floating installation or glued across the entire area.

EGGER PRO Design Flooring is produced in Germany and is made of 70% wood fibers. Even the synthetic components are free of harmful substances and ensure a healthy indoor environment. It has the following product buildup:

  • Ultra robust and water-resistant TPU surface (thermoplastic polyurethane) with a Self repair effect
  • Integrated decor layer for a highly authentic appearance
  • High-density & double-sealed UWF coreboard (Ultra Wood Fibre Board) made of natural wood fibers
  • Use

    Floor covering

  • Applications

    High traffic commercial or residential areas

  • Characteristics

    Extremely compact wood-based boards, Self-Repair effect, PVC-free, anti-slip, easy to maintain, protects against moisture and integrated decor layer.