Glass Tiles - ReSalvage Collection Scatter Tile Pattern
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Scatter Tile Pattern

ReSalvage Collection

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Artaic’s latest designs examine the concept of reuse through patterns and textures of discarded material created in 100% recycled glass tile. The unique series, which presents stylized motifs of scrap paper, peeling paint, torn cardboard, dismantled pallets, and reclaimed wood, draws inspiration from the tile material itself – produced entirely from waste glass.

Each pattern features a variety of color palettes ranging from subtle natural tones to vibrant graphic hues, yet all can be customized to perfectly fit any application. Bold yet versatile, the eleven unique patterns in durable sintered glass can activate any surface, indoors and out, including pool walls and commercial flooring.


Artaic’s location in Boston’s Marine Industrial Park, now revitalized as the Innovation District, provided extensive inspiration and materials for the design team, led by Creative Director Paul V. Reiss.


The ReSalvage mosaics are comprised of sintered glass tile made from 70% pre-consumer and 30% post-consumer recycled glass content, primarily from pulverized old windowpanes. Oxides are added to the glass powder to create a broad range of vibrant, saturated colors.

Artaic’s sintered glass tile is produced by stamping the powdered glass into individually pressed tile shapes. The small formed pieces are then conveyed through a kiln and emerge after fusing and annealing as the strongest, most durable glass tile on the market. Artaic offers the sintered glass in ½” and 1” sizes and three finishes: standard glossy, slip-resistant matte, and opalescent.


Though the ReSalvage patterns are displayed in a range of sintered glass color palettes, all of the designs are easily customized at no additional cost. Artaic’s on-demand design and production capabilities allow the material, color, scale and shape of each design to be adjusted to perfectly fit any space. Keeping with the theme of the collection, Artaic will produce and ship a pre-fitted installation kit, containing only what is needed for a particular installation to vastly reduce on-site waste.

The composition of the patterns and the unique durability of the sintered glass tile make the ReSalvage designs incredibly versatile. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, wet and dry, and commercial flooring, the mosaics can be used for every application imaginable. They can even be backlit for a truly unique installation.