Porcelain Tiles - Quietstones Maximum Collection
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Porcelain Tile

Quietstones Maximum Collection

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More about this product

Quietstones Maximum is the result of the latest research conducted by Fiandre, applied to large sizes and aimed at lending an exceptionally authentic look to products created via the most advanced production techniques in the ceramic field.

The new Quietstones Maximum stones are in fact characterized for the first time by an extremely natural structured surface and are both pleasing on the eyes and to the touch.


Porcelain tile cladding and covering


Floors & walls (both indoor and outdoor), kitchen countertops, backsplash panels, doors, tables, showers, stairs, bathroom tops, shelves, benches, plant pots, outdoor furniture, fireplaces, closets and cabinets doors, swimming pools


Natural structured surface, extra-large sizes, sustainable manufacturing