A company dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of nonstructural elements for decoration and modern architecture. 

Among their objectives are the innovation and the development of new aesthetic trends, with the use of light, useful materials, long life and easy installation in order to optimize the work of decorators and architects. 

The company collaborates with the clients in order to exploit all their applied creativity to their projects, facilitating their technical and design support.

Habitarte offers decorative products for interior architecture with novel designs that give a new approach to interior design and modern architecture, introducing current, dynamic and personalized elements in any type of project.

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Fiandre, a leading company in the production of high range full-body porcelain stoneware,has a presence in over 100 countries throughout the world with a wide choice of solutions for floors and coverings which range from the contract to the wellness and residential industry, and from the medical to the leisure industry, responding to all building and living requirements.

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